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One Of The Best Rice Cookers Out There…

For the modern day busy family an appliance that is almost a must for the kitchen in preparation of nutritional meals is a rice cooker.   One quality rice cooker product on the market is a Cuckoo Rice Cooker model number 1 CR-0631F.

Obviously, when selecting the right ricer cooker product, the consumer needs to by a rice cooker that will actually prepare and cook the rice to perfection. That cooking perfection being cooked rice that is not dried out but is moist and tasty. The Cuckoo Rice cooker model number one CR – 0631F fits the bill marvelously when it comes to preparing that perfect rice dish.

Additionally, it is important to note that there is a broad variety of rice available on the market today. For example, there is the traditional white rice and brown rice. However, it is important to note that there is available in various markets a rice that is black, purple and red. This product has demonstrated its effectiveness and ability to prepare all of rice to perfection. This is due to the fact that there is a setting on the face of the units in which the particular rice that is being cooked can be selected.

In addition, the individual family can use an added setting on the unit for fast cooking, which accelerates the cooking speed if time is of the essence.

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This ricer cooker product is Korean made and can cook up to 6 cups of rice in one cooking session. Of added value are the sleekness and the beauty of this unit as it adds to the decorum of one’s kitchen due to the pink coloring of the metallic face of the unit on a white finished compact appliance.

Additional Features

Other features of the rice maker allow for the owner of this cooker to simply set the cooking controls and walk away. Some of those controls allow for simply the cooking rice or the making of stews or soups. In addition, the unit acts as a steamer and is a perfect cooking unit for food dishes such as fish and vegetables.

The enhancements of this unit include a large LCD display to show the cooking time and features selected. Also, the inside of the unit contains a non-stick cooking bowl, which allows for the ease of dispensing the perfectly cooked rice within the unit and for easy cleanup following the rice bowl use.

Finally, being a quality-made the product, the manufacturers of the Cuckoo Rice cooker CR-0631F rice cooker provides a one-year warranty.

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Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

8.3 Great Product

The Cuckoo Rice Coooker is a Korean-made, quality rice cooker that comes in a variety of styles. It's sleek, modern look help jazz up your kitchen while it's quality craftsmanship and great functionality help make the rice on your dinner plate one to remember.

  • Material 7.5
  • Functionality 8
  • Versatility 9
  • Price 8.5

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