Buffalo Rice Cooker Review – 5 or 10 Cup


High End Rice Cooker

This product (of the handful of the best rice cookers I have reviewed) takes rice cooking to the pinnacle of perfect rice but also has other functions you are bound to find interesting and handy at one point. The Buffalo Rice Cooker is the one that other rice cookers aspire to be, but fall short. The reasons why are varied and can pull you in the right direction towards a purchase in the long run.

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Basic Rice Cooking

The Buffalo Rice Cooker comes with a traditional style stainless steel inner pan. There’s no Teflon here, yet it still provides a surface that can clean up any residual rice easily as you can scrub away without causing damage. It’s sturdy, heavy, and take good care of it as it will be taking good care of the rice you cook in it too. It can cook up to 10 cups of rice, so it’s ready to handle small amounts to the times when you might need to fix up more. It can please from the individual to the crowd.

It brings results nothing short of absolute perfection no matter what type of rice you are cooking. Whether it’s standard white rice, basmati rice or it’ll even handle stubborn brown rice with ease. Yes, it’s at a higher price point than most cookers, but in this case you get what you pay for.

So, what will you get out of it?

Not only does the Buffalo Rice Cooker tackle rice with ease, it can handle porridge, stews and soups, even cakes and breads. It also has a handy warm function that doesn’t turn it into a connected ball of mush when you use it. It can reheat your rice without losing the integrity of the rice itself.

When you purchase this rice cooker it comes with not only a measuring cup, but a rice scooper, soup spoon and a steamer rack. It also has a built in preset function and a timer for you as well. As also mentioned it can handle enough rice for a crowd as well. It’s a good size for families of four or five.

Is it worth the price?

Most definitely. Enough said. You are getting the top of the line in this purchase. So far all you’ve heard are the basics. You’ll have a great time getting into all the other things you can do with the Buffalo Rice Cooker 10 Cup version. Spanish rice has never been easier, and even being able to prepare a dough for breads; the possibilities are endless. It’s worth every penny spent.

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Buffalo Rice Cooker (5 Cup Or 10 Cup)

8.3 Awesome

While on the higher end of the rice cookers as far as price is concerned, this great machine is a must-have in any serious chef's kitchen. It puts out perfect rice, every single time. You could probably get one cheaper, and for some that my be the way to go, but for those who demand perfection... look no further than this bad boy.

  • Material 9
  • Functionality 8.5
  • Versatility 9
  • Price 6.5

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