The Aroma 8-cup Digital Rice Cooker


My Cooking Credentials

When I was searching for a rice cooker, I did not know what to look for. As a newly married young wife of twenty-three years of age, I knew the day would come when I would have to provide well cooked and hearty meals for my hardworking husband and eventually our growing family.

Even though I came from a family where my mother and aunts learned at an extremely young age how to cook, this unfortunately was not true in my case. I have since grown extremely self-conscious of my cooking skills, and spend countless hours watching my mother at work on Thanksgiving dinner, and other special holiday preparations for the family.

So, after being told repeatedly, that, I would grow into learning to cook, I decided the wait was well over when I met my husband.

My Future of Cooking

My feelings of inadequacy now seem like a thing of the past ever since I began using my Aroma 8 Cup Digital Rice Cooker. This stainless steel rice cooker acts as a food steamer as well. What is more, is its ability to digitally program settings for various cooking options. To think that I once had to prepare rice in a large pot of boiling water, without knowing how to measure the ratio of cups of rice and water to the intensity of fire from the stove, appears more like a bad nightmare.

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Making my favorite vegetable brown rice casserole for dinner gatherings with friends and loved ones is truly an ease. And, cleaning up is more than a breeze when compared to the days I spent helping my mother scrub down large pots and pans with a sink filled of warm water and plenty of dishwashing soap. Of course, rice is not the only grain, or ingredient one can cook with the Aroma. Anything from beans, soups, oatmeal, chili, pasta, sauces, and even the slow cooking of meats have been successfully accomplished by yours truly.

The Aroma 8 Cup Digital Rice Cooker measures in at 8.7 inches in height, 8.5 inches in length, and 9.3 inches in width. A rice measuring cup, steam tray, and serving spatula are also included. It is a sturdy, compact and convenient device that can handle the rigorous taste tests of even the most expert and experienced cook in your life, such as my mother!

My days boasting of future preparations in recipes to my husband’s enjoyment have finally arrived. Also, as a word to all of the modern thinking women and metrosexuals who will inevitably critique this review as being something of the “stone age,” all I have to say to the likes of you, is that, in your governmental state controlled think tank regalia, you put bring forth great heartache on the individuals like your grandparents and myself.

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