KRUPS EA8250001 Espresseria Review 2017


A Review Of The KRUPS EA825001 Espressaria Machine – 2017

Are you in search of a commercial-style home espresso maker that can give you a rich, amazing cup every time? The KRUPS EA8250001 Espresseria may fit the bill. This highly rated espresso maker sells in the $600 to $1,200 range, so if you find it on sale, it may just be the best espresso machine under $1,000. Like all the best espresso machines, it offers an abundance of features which enhance ease-of-use while also allowing you to brew espresso perfectly to your taste each and every time.

Features and Design

The KRUPS EA8250001 Espresseria comes in either black or red, and measures 11.5 x 8 x 12.5 inches, and weighs 10.4 pounds. This machine includes a powerful burr grinder, which allows you to brew fresher, more flavorful coffee. As KRUPS points out, beans can lose up to 40% of their flavor in the minutes following grinding. The Espresseria has been designed to brew espresso in seconds following grinding, which allows all those delicious flavors to be preserved in the resulting cup.

Additional features include a patented compact thermoblock system which keeps your coffee hot and keeps temperatures consistent, an LCD display for choosing recipes, a steam nozzle for brewing creamy lattés, and a 15-bar high pressure pump. The 60-ounce water tank is removable for easy cleaning, and a large bean hopper makes it possible to brew more than one drink before you need to add more beans. The machine comes with a 2-year warranty.

What Customers Are Saying

We always take the step of reading the best espresso machine reviews on before we recommend any espresso machine. Reading real-life experiences gives us a better idea of the kind of performance a machine can offer. How did the KRUPS EA8250001 Espresseria measure up?

Out of over 100 ratings, more than 50 were 5 stars, and more than 20 were 4 stars. Only a handful gave this espresso maker neutral or negative reviews. Customers enjoy the stainless steel milk frothing bottle which is included with the machine, the all-in-one design of the grinder and espresso maker, the sleek design, the steamer nozzle, and the strong, sturdy build (the Espresseria is manufactured in Europe, and not in China or Taiwan). Any negatives? The water filters do run around $20 and need to be replaced every couple of months, which can get expensive. You also cannot use pre-ground coffee.

The KRUPS EA8250001 Espresseria is definitely one of the most exciting espresso machines we have looked at under $1,000. Yes, it is more expensive than most espresso makers made for home use, but it does offer far more in the way of functionality and versatility, and it is worth it to pay for a machine that is going to run great for years without breaking down. Plus, the price includes the grinder and all the other little extras, so it is a pretty good value when you divide it out over time—especially if you manage to get it on sale!

KRUPS EA825001 Espressaria Review

8.9 Quality Machine

A great, quality and well-made machine manufactured in Europe as oppose to China or Taiwan; this machine gets the job done. It's a bit on the pricey side, but worth every penny. With it's own grinder, as well as patented technology, this machine is truly versatile and a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

  • Material 10
  • Functionality 9
  • Versatility 8.5
  • Price 8

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