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Do You Have A Taste For Success? Welcome NPD Food World Where We Are Proud To Celebrate Health Careers!


If you are passionate about real food, a food-related career may be just the right thing for you! Here are three fun facts to get us started:

Fact#1: According to the Center For Disease Control, over 1/3 of American adults are more than overweight—but obese.

Fact#2:American’s spend over $147 billion dollars annually in obesity related medical expenses. This is an additional cost that a little food education may be able to shrink.

Fact#3: Obesity leads to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and a wide variety other high risk health conditions. It is also considered to be one the leading causes of   preventable death.

An exciting career in food is just a short degree or certification away!

about npd food world

A food-related career could be anything from:

  • Sports Nutritio
  • Dieticians
  • Nutritionists
  • Food Educator
  • Professional Chef
  • In-Home Chef
  • And So Many More…


As a real food professional, you can share your passionate and love for food—while educating Americans on how they can reintroduce the healthy foods they need back into their menu selections!